The world is full of well-crafted wines, and we have carefully selected over 100 which we feel reflect the world’s most interesting wine regions and styles – old, new, white, red, pink, orange, sparkling, sweet… – always choosing wines we like, offer good value, and above all, are drinking well.

We are proud to source from small-scale independent winemakers who favour traditional over commercial methods and farm organically or biodynamically with minimal intervention in the winery, producing wines that respect the environment, reflect the nature of the vintage and their place of origin, and give an insight into the personality of the grower.

Most are available in 75ml, 125ml, 175ml or 250ml (pichet) size servings.

And with the introduction of Coravin, we can now offer ‘special occasion” wines by the glass too.  We use a Verre de Vin system to keep our wines in good condition and check them regularly for freshness.

As we are always discovering new wines, the list is in constant evolution, giving you a chance to try a variety of styles over time. Our list adopts a different approach to pricing to the industry norm: instead of applying a % margin, which is standard in the bar and restaurant trade, we apply a fixed cash-margin to our higher-end wines in an effort to make them more affordable and give you the opportunity to try wines you might not typically choose, thus encouraging you to drink better!

Not sure what to drink? We are more than happy to give a recommendation.




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Wine flights are available on request if you’d like to learn more about a specific region, vintage, or varietal.

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Click on the image to download our wine list

Image courtesy of Les Caves de Pyrenes (Italia)


We love good food and good wine and are firm believers that they’re better together. Food and wine matching is therefore central to what we do. Our daily specials all come with their own recommendation for wine pairing.

Wine Shop

We also operate as a wine shop – our full wine list is available to take away at shop price. We can gift wrap it too if it’s for a present.

And Besides Wine….?

Well, let’s just say not everyone shares our passion for wine and may prefer something different. We offer a range of COCKTAILS, CRAFT BEER & CIDER and SPIRITS, featuring firm favourites, as well as those less-well known.