The world is brimming with interesting well-crafted wines and we have done our best to bring you as wide a selection as possible from easy-drinking quaffers to more serious “crus”. We have carefully selected over 50 wines from both Old and New World which we like, believe are drinking well, offer good value and are really exciting. All are listed on an enourmous blackboard and classified according to style and price for you to peruse at your leisure; 25 of which come in 75ml, 150ml or 250ml (pichet) size servings.

If the wine list seems a little daunting, you can always ask us for advice –we will happily help you choose a wine that will suit your palate or complement your meal. We try to encourage you to step outside your “oenological” comfort zone by suggesting something different to what you would normally choose.

As we are constantly discovering new, exciting wines, the list is not static, giving you a chance to try a variety of wines over time. Our 75ml taster measure is the perfect opportunity to explore new wines. We believe the best way to learn about wine is simply by drinking it. We like to listen to our customers and hold regular ‘selection panels’ which are open to the public to help us select new wines.

Wine Flights (Tasting of Multiple Wines)

We can arrange wine flights on request if you’d like to learn more about a specific region, vintage, or varietal, so let’s say you wanted to compare a Syrah from the Rhone to an Aussie Shiraz, we can arrange this.

If you feel up to it, you can try our mystery wine challenge, where we select 3 wines for you to taste “blind” – if you get them right, we refund you the price of the three wines – fun and educational at the same time – and the beauty is, you can take the challenge over and over again and discover new wines each time….so why not become a “frequent flier”?

Food & Wine pairing

We love good food and good wine, but firmly believe that they should come together to be appreciated to their full. Food and wine matching is therefore central to what we do. Our daily specials all come with their own recommendation for wine pairing. If you’re unsure what wine to order with your meal, just ask -all our staff are trained to assist you in selecting the best wine for you.

Simple Wine talk

We love talking about wine, so if you have any questions about any wine or are curious to know more about a particular region or grape variety, we’d love to hear from you !

Wine of the month

Every month we feature a wine of the month at a reduced price to allow you sample something different or which might normally be beyond your wine budget. Keep an eye on our website for the latest wine of the month.

And besides wine

Well, let’s just say that we are aware that not everyone shares our passion for wine and may prefer something different. That’s why we offer a range of fine beers, including local craft beers, cider and an array of spirits, featuring firm favourites as well as more unusual ones.

Beer, Cider & Cocktails

8° Howling Gale Draught Ale
8° Sunburnt Draught Ale
Dungarvan Helvick Gold
Dungarvan Copper Coast
Erdinger Weissbier
Longueville Cider
Our barman is a keen mixologist and just loves to mix up a good cocktail – our favourites include:
Whiskey Sour
Tom Collins

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