Monday 24th Dec Lunch Menu

Image may contain: foodMonday,24th Dec Lunch Menu

Tartiflette €10.00

Quiche with Spinach, Feta & Sweet Peppers €8.50

Soup: Winter Squash & Parship €5.00

Toasties €7.50
1. Spiced Beef Reuben (Emmental, Russian Mayo & Sauerkraut)
2. Stracciatella, Grilled Aubergine & Dukkah

1. Porchetta, Mayo, Tomato & Pesto
2. Salmon Paté & Avocado
3. Brie, Sweet Chilli Jam, Walnuts

Full Sandwich €6.50
Soup & ½ Sandwich €7.50

Try our “Popular” Homemade Mince Pies with Cream & a glass of Mulled Wine

Today’s pairing is Antica Enotria – Puglia.
Try it with your lunch for €4.00 a glass

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