West Cork Coffee


West Cork Coffee our New Partner!

After 7 years of proudly serving Badger & Dodo coffee, we have decided to switch to West Cork Coffee – a local micro roastery, sourcing and roasting really high quality single origin coffee.

About WCC

When Tony Speight hand built his first coffee roaster in 2004, whether he knew it or not, he had turned a corner from enthusiastic hobbyist to a seriously passionate artisan coffee roaster.

The timing, it seems, couldn’t have been better for setting down an early foundation of what would become West Cork’s first commercial micro coffee roastery in 2016.

WCC grew organically and Tony’s coffee started to garner the attention of a small number of local food businesses with an appreciation of excellent coffee. 

Tony decided to create his specialty coffee roastery at The Forge in Innishannon, West Cork.

WCC were selected for The London Coffee Masters 2017/18 & Tony continues to grow WCC in the specialty coffee market.

– Kate Ryan, Flavour.ie


We’ve been big fans of Tony’s roasting style ever since he did his first coffee cupping with us in January 2017.            In line with our preference for organic, biodynamic and natural wines, we believe this is the perfect fit. WCC is an avid supporter of fair and sustainable coffee farming and has an excellent range of organic coffee.                    Moreover, since the outset, WCC has been winning rave reviews with the media and coffee enthusiasts and we are thrilled to start working with them!

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